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On Sunday morning in church, a young pastor by the name of Stephan Lorenz preached a sermon entitled ” What Chair Are You Sitting In.” The chairs represented, conflict, committed and compromise. Basically, we were asked to identify which chair we are sitting in today. This was a very good thought provoking sermon and I believe that everybody left there a little wiser, than they were when they came. Well, I’m proud to say that, I am able to say  today;  I sit in the chair of commitment. In fact, I left there with a clear mind about several issues of conflict in my life that I’ve struggled to resolve. One issue was;  identifying a specific (blog) subject area. I’ve been pondering and going back and forth on this issue, telling myself that a lot of readers may not be  Christians, or even religious, which means that they may be turned off by blogs that are too religious. So, as a result of me thinking like that, my blog was originally centered around R&B music, love songs or slow jams as some of us call them. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love slow jams and music period, but I have found that this subject matter is not my passion, to I’m constantly unhappy with my content.

What my real purpose here is;  is to write about subject matter that will help bring more lost souls to Christ and provide words of encouragement and guidance to those who are struggling with trials and tribulations.  Therefore, this is what I do here now and I am unapologetic about my change in blog content. Actually, what this means is that I’ll never run out of content! Thank you if you are reading this.

♥ My first prayer on this page is for a woman I met in church on Sunday, 10/31/2010. I’ll call her Mrs.H.  I pray that Mrs. H can connect with God and ask for his strength and guidance to help her through what she pervieves to be an ugly divorce and cruel intentions concerning custody issues. I ask God to protect her and the boys and keep them safe from harm. And, I also pray for the husband and ask God to soften his heart and give him love and empathy for his family. God I ask you to hold her heart in your hands and comfort it, beacuse her heart is so heavy. Thank You Lord.


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